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Exhibition on Screen

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Michaelangelo: Love and Death

Tuesday 13th June 6:15pm

The spectacular sculptures and paintings of Michelangelo seem so familiar to us, but what do we really know about this renaissance genius? Who was this ambitious and passionate man?
A virtuoso craftsman, Michelangelo’s artistry is evident in everything he touched. Beautiful and diverse works such as the towering statue of David, the deeply moving Pietà in the Papal Basilica of St. Peter and his tour-de-force, the Sistine Chapel ceiling still leave us breathless today.
Spanning his 89 years, Michelangelo – Love and Death, takes a cinematic journey from the print and drawing rooms of Europe, through the great chapels and museums of Florence, Rome and the Vatican to explore the tempestuous life of Michelangelo. We go in search of a greater understanding of this most charismatic figure, his relationship with his contemporaries and his valuable artistic legacy. Through expert commentary and Michelangelo’s own words, this film takes a fresh look at an enigmatic man whose life is celebrated in every mark and every stroke he made.
​​​Ticket Prices: Luxury Seat £9.00, Sofa for Two £18.00, Standard Seat £7.50, Concession £6.00 Membership Discount -£1.50

The Impressionists

Saturday 1st July 3:45pm

​Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Renoir: some of the world’s most popular artists. Their works, and that of their contemporaries, fetch tens of millions of dollars around the globe. But who were they really? Why & how exactly did they paint? What lies behind their enduring appeal?
To help answer these questions, this unique film secured unparalleled access to a major exhibition focusing on the man credited with inventing impressionism as we know it: 19th-century Parisian art collector Paul Durand-Ruel. This eagerly anticipated international exhibition is possibly the most comprehensive exploration of the Impressionists in history.
It was Durand-Ruel’s brave decision to exhibit the Impressionists in New York in 1886 that introduced enlightened wealthy Americans to this modern French painting. In doing so, he not only filled great American galleries with Impressionist masterworks but kept Impressionism alive at a time when it faced complete failure. This energetic and revealing film will tell his remarkable story along with that of the Impressionists themselves.
​​​​Ticket Prices: Luxury Seat £9.00, Sofa for Two £18.00, Standard Seat £7.50, Concession £6.00 Membership Discount -£1.50